White and Yellow

The White and Yellows first appeared randomly in a European collection in 1996 and until recently were not available in North America. They are a dominant trait and when first discovered the offspring seemed to have a high concentration of white or yellow, which later coined the name White and Yellow. Some of their distinct features include high white sides, a large white band on the nape of their neck, dorsal striping, bright white tails, high contrast colors, faded and reduced spotting. Although the White and Yellows are not a new morph very little work has been done with them to date. However the little work that has been done with them has proven some interesting results. It’s believed that the White and Yellows have an enhancing quality when combined into other morphs similar to that of the Enigma. We are thrilled to be working with a large group of these and can hardly wait to see the results from the combination we have slated with this morph.