About Us

The Urban Reptile is…

The Urban Reptile is proudly owned and operated by Craig and Lori Stewart. Craig has had a passion for reptiles since he was a young boy and his fascination for caring for these amazing animals has only intensified over the years. As a young boy and teenager, Craig was an avid collector, getting his first reptile when he was just 7 years old. Craig kept as many reptiles as his mother would allow but once out on his own, Craig quickly started working with many more and started his first breeding projects.

Lori’s path to co-founder of The Urban Reptile was certainly very different from Craig’s. Lori grew up on a farm so, naturally, animals have always been a part of her daily life.

While reptiles may not have been her original passion, Craig’s over-the-top enthusiasm for them was contagious and her love for animals grew to include reptiles.

Not long after getting married and buying their first home, Craig and Lori decided to take the step that many herpers do, and they converted the basement of their home into a reptile breeding facility. In the early days, they had several smaller breeding projects that they sold offspring to local pet stores. But as the internet started to take off, the pair decided that it was the perfect opportunity for them to take their business to the next level. After methodically building up a world-class breeding program of reptiles, they opened their first on-line store, almost 20 years ago. From the very beginning, the pair gained a reputation for producing outstanding reptiles. 

With their once-spacious basement facility bursting at the seams, Craig and Lori decided to take a major step. They moved into a 4000 square foot dedicated reptile facility and by doing so, realized a long-held dream. The extra space has allowed them to not only expand their existing breeding projects but has also given them the opportunity to start new projects they had only dreamed of in the past. Although their business has grown, Craig and Lori have taken every measure to ensure that their focus and the great pride they have in the care of all their reptiles continues.

What started as a business shared by a couple has expanded to a team of six. The pair feels very fortunate to be working with an amazing team who not only are the backbone of the company but always keep things fun and interesting! As committed entrepreneurs and the parents of two children, Craig and Lori rarely have a quiet moment in their lives – but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet the reptile team,

The Urban Reptile team is an amazing group of who are truly the backbone of our company.  This great team is passionate about the care that we provide for all of our reptiles.








Owner: Craig has kept and been passionate about reptiles his entire life. He has a deep knowledge of reptile husbandry, genetics and the reptile industry. Prior to turning his passion into a career, Craig worked in the corporate environment where he was in senior management for a leading financial institution. He feels fortunate to have turned his hobby and a lifelong passion into a livelihood. Craig is co-founder of the company, and is actively involved in all aspects of the business.


Owner: As co-founder of The Urban Reptile, Lori brings to the company a wealth of business experience that she has gained as an analyst in the financial sector. While she is primarily focused on managing the business aspects of the company, she enjoys working with the collection as often as she can.


Social Media Co-ordinator and Reptile Specialist:  Claire is passionate about marketing and social media and is in charge of our social media strategy.  She is also one of our reptile specialists and is responsible for the daily care and breeding of our reptiles. Claire loves when her day is spent with the Bearded Dragons.


Reptile Specialist: Jack is responsible for the daily care and breeding of the reptiles.  He spends most of his time working with the Crested Geckos, Gargoyles and Uromastyx.  Jack is also the Assistant to the Regional Manager of The Urban Reptile.


Reptile Specialist : Colton is responsible for the daily care and breeding of the reptiles.  He is a natural with all of the species but spends most of his time working with the leopard geckos.


Reptile Consultant: Brett has been with The Urban Reptile since he was 14 years old,  He has an impressive knowledge and understanding of reptiles and the industry.  While Brett no longer works full time here, he is a regular fixture and loves helping with special projects.