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Adult Gecko Racks

Here is Craig checking on one of our adult geckos. All of our adults are housed using this arrangement. Each unit is heated from the back and controlled by a digital thermostat. This setup ensures a perfect heat gradient, which is essential to the wellbeing of our geckos.


Adult Leopard Gecko Enclosure

The interior of a typical Leopard Gecko adult unit. Since we’re a little fanatical about cleanliness, we choose to use a paper substrate. This allows for efficient and easy cleaning. Each unit is equipped with a dish for fresh water and one for calcium. Also included is a shoebox, which acts as a nesting area. We designate only one gecko per unit and our animals thrive within this peaceful environment.


Baby Gecko Room

Terrestrial gecko offspring such as Leopard Geckos are raised within our hatchling rack systems. Like the adult racks, they are heated at the back and controlled by a digital thermostat. Our babies flourish within these units.


Leopard Gecko Hatchling Enclosure

This is a peak inside a typical Leopard Gecko baby enclosure. The hatchling starts the first 10 days on moist paper towel then once they’ve shed we switch them onto paper. We provide a hide shelter a dish for fresh water and a calcium dish so the baby is able to supplement themselves.

Baby Crested Gecko Set-Up

Here’s a peak inside a baby crested gecko set-up. Each tub is furnished with a paper towel substrate, artificial foliage and plastic egg crate. This minimalistic type set-up enables us to keep each enclosure perfectly clean. Our babies flourish in these set-ups.

Adult Crested Gecko Room

We use screened enclosures for all of our adult Crested Geckos. They allow for great ventilation and easy access for maintenance and feeding. Lori is here collecting eggs.

Adult Crested Gecko Enclosure

Our set-ups are simple and very functional. This way we are able to keep every enclosure virtually spotless. This guarantees a healthy environment that they can thrive in.

Baby Crested Gecko Enclosure

All of our baby crested geckos are housed within a community environment in these large tubs. The tubs are all screen on top, which allows for terrific airflow.

Incubation Room

Here is Claire in one of our incubation rooms. This is one of the most exciting areas of our facility and during hatching season this area is buzzing with activity.

Bearded Dragon Room

Here is Craig hanging out in our adult Bearded Dragon room.  All of our adults are housed in spacious enclosures with full spectrum lighting,  plentiful cage furniture and a sand substrate.

Photo Studio

Craig spends endless time taking photos. Here he can be seen taking photos under studio lighting for one of our leopard gecko updates..

The Office

This is where we run the business aspect of our company answering emails, phone calls, processing orders and arranging shipments.

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