Tangerine Tornado

Never seen anything like them? Neither had we. Our fantastic Tangerine group has been years in the making, constantly exceeding our expectations. But the Tangerine Tornado is something new entirely.

Approximately eight years ago, we hatched a few extreme and unique animals from our Tangerine bloodline. What made them different from the rest was an intense red hue that carried all through their bodies and heads. We had never seen anything like it before.

These animals were so special and different from the rest that we decided to create a breeding project dedicated solely to them. And the name? We started to call them our Tangerine Tornadoes because they appeared out of nowhere and left us awestruck.

Before offering them to the public, we wanted to be sure that the same extreme traits were being carried through to the offspring. Not only has this been proven, but the consistency has been unparalleled with any other projects we have worked on before. The Tangerine Tornado will be available in a strictly limited number. They are an absolute must-have in the gecko world.  


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