Imagine a Leopard Gecko with pink eyes, no black pigment, a rich, solid body hue complimented by intense orange coloration. Then add an extreme carrot tail and you have one our breathtaking Sunglows. We have selectively bred the albino (Tremper strain), super-hypomelansitic, carrot tail and our own tangerine bloodline into one incredible gene pool to produce what has been described as one of the most remarkable Leopard Geckos of all time. We created the Sunglow and first introduced it to the public in 2004; we were sold out before these eggs had finished hatching. We’re somewhat flattered that our original Sunglow name has been repeated, because it means that our breeding project has attained a certain level of fame – although there is always only one original. With the continuing evolution of this very special morph, we repeatedly sell out year after year. The Sunglow has clearly become a favorite amongst Leopard Gecko enthusiasts and we expect demand to remain very high for this spectacular morph.  


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