An Urban Gecko through and through, the Phantom required three years of development. It all began when we crossed our own very special Snow line (TUG Snow) with Super-Hypomelanistics Carrot Tails, in the hopes that the offspring would exhibit reduced pattern on the head, body and tail. The results were successful, so we then took the offspring from that union and crossed it into our most extreme Sunglows (Tremper albino strain). These offspring were even more unique, exhibiting reduced pattern from the head to the tail and the background coloration ranged from white to pastel yellow to a greenish hue. With the project moving in the right direction, we took the final step, which was selectively breeding the most exotic offspring to one another. This merger created the gecko we named the ‘Phantom.’ Through continued selective breeding, we’ve taken the Phantom project in three very distinctive directions which are a heavily patterned Phantom, a pastel colored Phantom and a Phantom with very little pattern and soft accent of color. The goal here is produce Phantoms that appealed to everyone.  


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