The Enigma was first produced in 2006 and was discovered as a random genetic mutation and later proving itself as a dominant trait. Although common characteristics between Enigmas can be quite variable, babies consistently hatch out with blotches rather than bands seen on typical hatchlings as well as white tails. As they mature the blotches develop into speckles making adult Enigmas a very unique looking Leopard Gecko. What has made the Enigma so popular over the years is the impact it’s had when combined into other morphs. When crossed into other mutations it seems to act as an enhancer to underlying genetics. One caveat is that the Enigma trait also seems to carry a behavioral gene that results in some behavioral disorders.  It is very common for Enigmas to show head-trembling, circling and/or eradicate movements.  Over the past few years the behavior has been reduced through selective breeding, but is still present in pure Enigmas. 


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