Blazing Blizzard

The Blazing Blizzard is a double recessive combination morph that includes the genetics of the two recessive genes: Blizzard and Albino.  Similar to the Blizzard morph, Blazing Blizzards display no banding or markings.  What distinguishes them is that they have no gray coloration at maturity but instead are either solid white or white with yellow hues. Blazing Blizzard eyes will usually take on the appearance of the albino strain it was crossed to and can range from red, pink, black (snake eyes) to a normal eye coloration. We are currently working with all three Blazing Blizzard morphs, which are the Tremper Blazing Blizzard, the Rainwater Blazing Blizzard and the very rare Bell Blazing Blizzard.   


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